Are you consistently inconsistent in your online business?

Nothing says stress like seeing your never-ending to-do list, can you relate?

One thing I’ve noticed in my own business and that of my clients is that time slips away, leaving us with the title of being “consistently, inconsistent” with our communications. I wished I could give you a secret marketing plan to help you better prepare and implement your communications, but unfortunately, there is no secret…just plain ole’ work.

Whoa! Stephanie, aren’t you an online business manager? Like, a time manager type of person?

Well, to answer your question, Yes! Yes, I am a ‘type of time manager’. However, there’s still no secret to beating your inconsistency, other than contracting with a virtual assistant, content manager, or online business manager. By contracting with one of these independent contractors, it’s like getting 10 extra hours each week! That’s as little as outsourcing 2 hours per day to an experienced online communications expert.

So, give me an example of what I can outsource to you…Stephanie!

Okay, I can do that! Here is an example of what clients have outsourced to me. Remember, each retainer package is specifically created for YOU and your unique business requirements.

20 Hours – renewable every 31 days: $800    (evenly distributed over 4 weeks)

  • Publish blog content: 1 time bi-weekly
  • Publish newsletter: 1 time monthly
  • Post to Facebook Business page: 2 times daily
  • Post to Twitter: 2 times daily
  • Post to LinkedIn: bi-weekly

Just think…what would YOUR business look like if you contracted with an experienced communications expert!


Are you a U.S.-based business owner who struggles with being more consistent with your online business communications and you know the value of an assistant, please contact me directly via my Contact Page.