Why Your Business Struggles…For Real!


No matter what business you own, there is a tipping point where you realize that you just can not do everything on your own. You may have the knowledge and skills to do everything, but you don’t have the time. So, what will you do?

Here’s your answer….BUY TIME!

Yep, that’s right! You have to buy time and by that I mean you need to buy the time of a skilled employee or, in my case, an independent contractor. Here’s the thing that seems to trip up the professional business owner…at least in my 10+ years of experience, and that is this…he/she just does not know who to turn to and what tasks to give them!

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly your issue. Perhaps you know exactly what tasks you want to give to someone but you just can’t seem..to..let..go! This is the tipping point I am going to address today. First, humor me and silently acknowledge if you fit into one of the three reasons listed below.


  1. There’s more “business” than there is you!
  2. You have a list longer than next week and you are overwhelmed with it all!
  3. You interview possible assistants but you just can’t let go of your tasks!

It’s really important for you to figure out why your business is stuck and struggling because, in that problem, you will find the answer!


Here are some possible answers to the three problems listed above.

Congratulations, you’re experiencing massive growth and you are well on your way to meeting your income goals. With this great celebration comes great responsibility in making sure that you meet the needs of your current and future teammates, customers, clients, and business relationships.

  1. It’s time for you to really assess what tasks are costing you more money in time than the return on investment.
  2. You already know what tasks need to be handed to an assistant but you don’t know when you’ll find the time to interview possible assistants.
  3. You’ve interviewed a few assistants and perhaps even handed some tasks over to them, they may or may not have done well, but for some reason you just can’t get a steady flow of work over to them even though you have a pile a mile high of tasks that needed to be done…last week!

Would you believe me that when I tell you there is one solution for all of the problems listed above?

Yes, it’s true! Contracting with an Online Business Manager is exactly the answer to the common problems listed above. As an online business manager, we handle the daily operations of your business in a way that is similar to that of a brick and mortar office manager. Seriously, we are that awesome and responsible, the only difference is that we work remotely. We use technology to meet you for team meetings, such as Skype or Zoom.  We have a private office phone number strictly kept “secret” for our clients.

There are numerous tools and software options available for today’s online business owner who wants more freedom to do what needs to be done like board meetings, public speaking, and meeting with attorney’s while your online business manager handles things like making sure the graphic designer finished the new logo, the publicist finished the press releases, and the transcriptionist finished the meeting minutes and new correspondence.


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