Journaling Club

Statistics don’t lie ~ around every corner we see signs that scream at us about being healthy.

The sad part is, we often relate ‘health and wellness’ with body weight. That means we are missing out on all areas of wellness and the exact reason why I am the ‘Total Wellness Coach’ ~ helping YOU learn to live YOUR life beyond the scale!

What are the areas of wellness? So glad you asked!

As the Total Wellness Coach, I have been training all on 10 Dimensions of Wellness, which are:

  1. Physical: physical vitality, active lifestyle practices, structured exercise
  2. Environmental: living conditions and physical surroundings from immediate to global
  3. Medical and dental: screening, prevention, adherence
  4. Nutritional: diet and food choices, healthy weight
  5. Spiritual: core values, identity, and purpose
  6. Psychological and emotional: mental state, coping and problem-solving skills, stress management, decision-making
  7. Behavioral and intellectual: thoughts and actions that have positive or negative effects on life
  8. Occupational: activities in which we engage, interests, skills, performance, satisfaction,
  9. Financial: planning and saving, cash and credit management, risk management
  10. Social: family and social support and cohesion

So, let me ask you~ are you struggling in any area of your wellness?

During our  8-week group Journaling Club you will learn first-hand how to get clear on your goals, overcome obstacles, and walk away with the tools needed to make life lasting, positive changes.

Each participant will learn:

  • How to set goals and achieve them
  • Participate in a supportive group setting
  • Reach the tools needed for self-change

The Overcoming Life’s Struggles Journaling Support Group is perfect for:

  • Future Wellness Coaches
  • Outreach Directors
  • Nonprofit Directors
  • Churches
  • Missions Outreach
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Incarcerated Exit



  • The art and science of change: Uniting mind, body, and spirit
  • Science-based strategies for change that sticks…getting ready, acting, and staying on course
  • Applying strategies to the building blocks of health and well-being:
    • Physical activity
    • Healthy eating
    • Managing stress
    • Good relationships
  • How to advocate for health and wellness with your family, friends, and community

About The Journal

  • Physical 84-page Interactive Journal
  • Mailed directly to your house
  • Participant-focused

Contact me, Stephanie Grams, directly to get all the details!

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