Start Here! “Could Be’s”

Are you tired of wrestling with the “Could Be’s”?

…”Could Be” more organized!

…”Could Be” more healthy!

…”Could Be” more successful!

…”Could Be” more joyful!

So was I!  I was stuck in a perpetual state of “Could Be’s”!

I can remember the days of homeschooling my 4 children, running a successful publicity company and volunteering at local organizations ~ no wonder I was tired, stressed and just worn out!

Change is Hard!

I’ll be the first to admit that change is hard! After years of struggling with the “could be’s” in my life as a mom and business owner, I finally was forced to stop and take a long, hard look at where my life was heading.

Personal Trainer ~ Dietician ~ Holistic Chiropractor….Oh My!

I enlisted the expert advice from a personal trainer, dietician, and holistic chiropractor. My results were astounding and my budget was blown! Unfortunately all the expert advice and support were not enough to keep me at my goal for wellness. It took an additional 3 years before learning about “Tiny Steps”!

Tiny Steps to Wellness ~ That’s where you will find permanent results!

During the 6-week online Women’s Wellness Workshop ~ Be Well, Do Well, you will be given the tools to make lasting life changes that are science-based strategies for change that sticks! This course is hands-on and experimental. It’s about doing and finding solutions that work for YOU and fits with your values, needs, interests, and preferences.

If you struggle with the “Could Be’s” in life ~ this is the Wellness Workshop for you!